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Ultimate troll/win

2014-01-25 12:24:59 by FireWOLF109


I remember how people were years ago with regards to my hope and dreams... so I thought I'd you guys to know this: Helped with an app and with moderating a forum (even though the moderating was as a volunteer at this time) during HIGHSCHOOL, made a game that got machinima's and other LPer's attention while going through college (and I only used the lite version [heavily limited demo version] of a game engine), and more... so all I have to say is that a lot of trolls got trolled themself, and ball's in your court.

Fl Studio leading to new song

2012-05-07 18:37:01 by FireWOLF109


I was playing around with FL Studio some and I ended up with a song which people have given good reviews for on other sites, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Almost forgot about newgrounds...

2011-08-23 13:44:06 by FireWOLF109

So let me get you up-to-date with what's been going on... I've basicly been made as the person who makes the Android version of our apps.

Also, I submitted a game idea to microsoft, so I hope that I can get it to the public (it was the elements idea).

Getting the game started

2011-06-28 11:52:07 by FireWOLF109

I'm part of an Iphone App Design group now, and I have a game idea in mind... so I can't wait to see how this is going to work out for me!

Took a couple seconds to figure out...

2011-06-18 20:12:52 by FireWOLF109

But I finally figured out a way to make my site look a WHOLE LOT better (and the contest for the background is still going on).

A new album has been made just for those designs that you would like to be seen in the store, so if you don't like the designs in the store currently (it hasn't reach the design limit) then feel free to submit a design in the album so that it will have a chance to make it in the store (just make sure that it follows the rules of the art/photography section and it follows the design regulations).

*update* I know it's been a while (since I forgot that I had to show the update of the picture), but here's the updated version of my "Starting friendships" picture... any improvement ideas?

Took a couple seconds to figure out...

A 1000 things to do...

2011-06-14 07:21:54 by FireWOLF109

and all summer to get them done. I know that I'm the kind of person who purposly tries to overwork himself, but I'll admit that I can't do all the stuff alone, so help me spread the word of NoChan!
Also, become a fan of Synphonic tower defence!

4Chan's Opposite Alter-Ego/ CONTEST

2011-06-13 15:44:30 by FireWOLF109

Given permission from a certain person, I had my site renamed to -4Chan. Yeah, I know what you are thinking... "You only added a negative sign, what's the difference?". Well I would have to say that it will affect the user's experience by providing a safer (yes, less people hacking your stuff, but if it occurs then tell me because I will delete them) and more user friendly environment by providing multiple things for the users to do such as contests.

Speaking of contests, I'm having an art contest which lets YOU, THE USERS, decide my site's background to YOUR LIKING so long as it follows the following rules:

No pornography
Photos of ENVIRONMENT are allowed (hey, I don't want to leave photographers out of all the fun)
No troll photos (which includes but not limited to: Troll faces, Memes)
No Racist/sexist submissions
No Violence,Blood, or Gore in the SUBMISSIONS (but feel free to post them outside of the contest album)
NO ILLEGAL IMAGES PERIOD (if it's against the law or it's protected by copyright laws, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF)
If it's against the rules of the arts/photography section of the site, IT ISN'T WELCOMED HERE!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my site has it so that you have to be a member inorder to submit stuff to the art/photography section, so you will have to join if you want to conpete... until a new background is decided, I will just have to use templates provided.

On a side note, I'm currently unable to fully change the site name fully (the domain name), so the site will still show up as onlinetrollhunters when you search for it.

I still havn't quite figured out which part of my invention should I save up for first... personally I think that maybe it should either be the "exoskelecton", the computer equipment, or the paint... anyone have any ideas of how I can get this one up and running?


2011-06-01 15:47:29 by FireWOLF109

I got two invention designs ready yet I doubt that I have enough money to paton let alone build a prototype for either of them... any ideas of where to go from here?

Because there's a bbq on the sidewalk because MAN IT'S HOT TODAY.